BetaWorks Video & Steadicam Company

BetaWorks Video & Steadicam Company

Tom Upton - BetaWorks, Inc.
Pipersville, PA 18947
DESCRIPTION: BetaWorks has award-winning, client-friendly SP crews experienced in all styles of shooting. Widescreen D-600 and Masters Series Steadicam. Clients include: Academy Awards, ABC, NBC, CBS, Oprah, Dr. Phil, MTV, A&E, TLC, ESPN,20/20 various documentary producers, ad agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Based in Philadelphia, covering NY to Wash DC. and the whole country. Experienced over-seas.
REFERENCE/CREDITS: 20/20 - DP/crew, ABC, Academy Awarda (Elton John) - DP/crew - Calliope Films, HBO - DP/crew - Teale Prods, Survivor:Back from Africa - DP/crew - CBS Prods, Seduction fo the Will - Steadicam - Lighthorse Prods

OUR COMPANY IS: Crews, Equipped with video-USA,Production Company-Video-USA,Production Services (company),
PRODUCTION JOB: Crews, Equipped with video-USA,Director of Photography, Video-USA,Steadicam Operator,
OTHER INFO: web site will be up-grading soon, but you can view it's old form at:
TELEPHONE: 215-766-2382
FAX: 215-766-9285
CELLULAR: 215-896-0084
PAGER: 215-705-4468
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