Synergy Productions, Inc., Director of Photography specializing in High Definition

Todd Richard - Synergy Productions
P.O. Box 80225,
Baton Rouge, LA 70898-0225
DESCRIPTION: Your team of creative professionals, we specializing in 4K, High definition and Underwater Imaging. Taking care of clients from around the nation for over 30 years insures a smooth shoot. We cover Baton Rouge, New Orleans, all of Louisiana and surrounding areas. Ad Agencies, PR Firms, Corporations, Television Networks, Government and Political Agencies we're here to help. Call or see website for more info. - See more at

REFERENCE/CREDITS: VH1, ESPN, Waner Brothers, History Channel, Fox Sports, NFL Network, Disney, Food Network, ABC Special Reports, MSNBC, HBO, Xerox, Budweiser, plus numerous Corportate clients. Advertising agency work includes Benelli Shotguns Television Commercials, Abita Beer Television Commercials, John Deere Promotional Presentation, Shane's Rib Shack Television Commercials.

OUR COMPANY IS: Crews, Equipped with video-USA only,

PRODUCTION JOB: Director of Photography, Video - USA Only,

OTHER INFO: Camera Operator-Video-USA only, underwater cameraman

TELEPHONE: 225-927-5430
  • Synergy Productions
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