Animal Actors, Animal Rentals, Animal Talent Agency
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Animal Actors, Animal Rentals, Animal Talent Agency

Shane Ayon - Animal Actors Animal Talent Agency
Epworth, GA 30541
DESCRIPTION: Lions, tigers, bears, horses, birds, dogs and cats too. Barn yard to exotic animals. Professional experienced animal trainers, animal actors, wranglers, from all over the world. Representing animals and their trainers seen in Dr. Dolittle, Jungle Book, Ace Ventura Pet Detective and 100's more. Call us for a quote for your next production
REFERENCE: Each trainer and animal actor listed with the agency will have their own credits. Shane Ayon -Partial List Credits-

Animal Trainer/Coordinator- 32 barn animals-

PRODUCTION JOB: Animal Trainer

Animal Talent

Animal Rental


TELEPHONE: 706-632-6246
FAX: 706-632-6246
CELLULAR: 404-285-5113
  • Animal Actors (Animal Rental and Animal Talent Agency)
  • Gloria Winship - Head Coordinator/Animal Trainer
  • Shane Ayon- Head Animal Trainer and Wrangler
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