Production SoundMixer

Production SoundMixer

Sam Kopetzky_II - Sample Corporation
1608 N. Cahuenga Blvd., 2020
Los Angeles, CA 90028
DESCRIPTION: Specialize in Low Budget Sound, and DV and HDV Sound Features/shorts. We own our own Equipment. We do Location Sound. Our Price includes Mixer and Boom Operator, Equipment.

Also Low Budget Video Projects, Student Films, el al

REFERENCE/CREDITS: Motion Pictures Credits: (Features)

“Targets” DIR: Peter Bogdanovich “Hells Angels on Wheels” DIR:Dick Rush “Plan Nine from outer Space” DIR:Ed Wood Jr. Other Films: “Eegha” “Girl in Gold Boots” “Starlet” “2069 A.D. a Sensational Odyssey” “Love Thy Neighbor and his Wife” “Love Camp 7” “Mondo Rocco” Mondo Hollywood” “The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean” “Trader Hornee” “Wild, Free and Hungry” “Wild Guitar” “Motel Confidential” “Brand of Shame” “The Bushwacker” “Space Thing” “The Ecstasies of Woman” “The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood” “The Scavengers” “Thar She Blows” Wanda (The Sadistic Hypnotist)” “Love Me Like I Do” “The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters” “How to Marry anyone” “Bare Flats” “Robin Hoodey” “Free Grass” “One Million AC/DC” “Gun Runners” “The Photographer” “Take it Out in Trade” “Orgy of the Dead” “The Sinister Urge” “Night of the Ghouls”

UNION/GUILD: No Union Affiliation

OUR COMPANY IS: Sample Corporation/VydioPhilms

PRODUCTION JOB: Production Sound Mixer, Boomman and Re-Recording Mixer

OTHER INFO: We normally supply a CD-ROM of your sound track (at cost)

TELEPHONE: 323-845-4703
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