Cinematographer Editor

Cinematographer Editor

Robert Houllahan - Lunar Films Thinking Video
Saunderstown, RI 02874
DESCRIPTION: Cinematographer AATON LTR54 Super16 3 mags Ang 5.7mm, zeiss 9.5mm 10-100, nikon mount other lensing available

Editor Pinnacle Liquid Silver SDI, YUV, Uncompressed, 1Tb storage

Live Multi cam YUV D1 switcher 40' prod bus available

REFERENCE/CREDITS: Saratoga Museum Russian Sub Doc

Narragansett Indian Tribe

OUR COMPANY IS: Crews, Equipped with film,Crews, Equipped with video-USA,Post Production Facility,
PRODUCTION JOB: Camera Assistant-Film,Cinematographer, Film-USA,Crews, Equipped with film,
TELEPHONE: 401 294 7623
FAX: 401 295 4573
CELLULAR: 401 499 6411
PAGER: 401 499 6411
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