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Robert Goodman - Goodman Associates
718 S. 22nd Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19146-1105
DESCRIPTION: Images & Words that Work! Providing effective, on-target creative services (writing and directing) to production companies, agencies, and marketing communications firms. Creating images with impact. Specialize in infomercials (Ab Roller Plus, MotorUp, Soap Savers), marketing and public relations (AT&T, CertainTeed, Lexmark, Merck, Primestar) programs. Experience with computer technology, graphic arts, healthcare and telecommunications. Emmy-nominated director. National awards for scriptwriting.

REFERENCE: Video Image Productions - Writer - Soap Savers, 1001 Lies Men Tell Women

Learning Discoveries - Writer/Director - Ashland-Davis Vinyl Siding

OUR COMPANY IS: Freelancer
TELEPHONE: 215-546-1448
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