NTSC & PAL Productions - Australia

Richard Fricker - Project Television
Sydney, (Select State or Province) 2065
DESCRIPTION: Complete in-house NTSC & PAL production and postproduction, From true HD to 3-CCD HDV / MiniDV, with U/W housing. 3-D Stereoscopic video production. Webcast producer. Experienced across Australia, New Zealand New Guinea and South Pacific Islands. Our Clients include international broadcasters, major Hollywood Studios and multi-national corporations.

REFERENCE/CREDITS: Most Daring, Most Shocking, The Real World, Inside Edition, Sydney Olympics - crew & facilities for live crosses for CNN, CBC Morning, Fox13 and others.

Star Wars Ep.2, Mission Impossible 2, The Matrix, Survivor, Survivor 2 - Behind the scenes equipment rental.

Webcast Producer - Cisco Networks, IBM China

35mm TV commercials for SONY televisions, Vidal Sassoon, Mastercard, Giant Bicycles

IBM, Microsoft, Cisco Systems - E-learning shoots- crews and equipment

Fuji News Network, TBS, TV Asahi, NTV, TV Tokyo net (Japan) - NTSC crews in Australia and South Pacific.

Kingworld Productions - 'Inside Edition' NTSC crew for New Zealand shoot.

ABC Entertainment (L.A.) - 'The making of Sabrina Down Under' & '3 Stooges' Field Producer and crew.

E! Entertainment, Extra, H.B.O. - various Australian shoots - Field producer and crew.

'Earth's Fury' 'Without Warning'- Field Producer and crew Australian segments.

Microsoft (Seattle), Reebok International, Coca Cola (Australia), Volvo (Australia) corporate

productions Australian shoots

OUR COMPANY IS: Production Company-Film-other countries,

PRODUCTION JOB: Crews, Equipped with film,

OTHER INFO: THE NTSC specialist company in Australia and the South Pacific - production and post production - as well as PAL, 35mm and 16mm aquisition.

TELEPHONE: +61 2 9488 9712
FAX: +61 2 9440 3165
CELLULAR: +61 402 066 290
  • Project Television - Australia
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