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Priya Chandrase -
Bombay, 400050
DESCRIPTION: I am a freelance researcher,assistant director and production coordinator working in Bombay for the past 10 years.I am capablof seeing through a project from the conceptualising stage to the post production stage. I am comfortable working on documentaries,feature films and TV series and can work within deadlines and on a limited budget. I am looking for work on any foreign production that requires local research expertise and production coordination.

REFERENCE: Shyam Benegal productions, as researcher and assistant director on feature films and documentary

Girish Karna productions- Bombay unit production coordinator for docu drama TV series 'Swaraj Nama' on landmarks in British Indian history

OUR COMPANY IS: Freelancer
PRODUCTION JOB: researcher/production/direct. asst.

TELEPHONE: 91-22-6461860
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