Cody Video Production

Patrick Cody - Cody Video Production
Charlestown, MA 02129
DESCRIPTION: With more than 10 years of professional experience both on-location and in the studio, Cody Video Production offers a wide range of video production services, from concept to completion.

REFERENCE/CREDITS: Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie; documentary segment DP, videographer, & editor; Off the Grid Productions / Upper Valley Arts, Norwich, Vt.

"Global Health TV"; camera operator / director; Web's Edge, London, UK.

Toxic Action Center: Williston, Vt. Landfill; director, videographer; Public Interest GRFX, Philadelphia, PA.

Culture Fest 2012; camera operator / editor; Sacred Dance Guild, Concord, MA.

OUR COMPANY IS: Crews, Equipped with video-USA,�Production Company-Video-USA,�Production Services (company),

PRODUCTION JOB: Camera Operator-Video-USA,�Crews, Equipped with video-USA,�Producer/Director-Video,

OTHER INFO: Valid Driver's License; Fit / Athletic.

TELEPHONE: 802-356-6027
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