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production support

Patoissance * - Patricia Arbelaez
1525 Elder Lane,
Sarasota, FL 34236
DESCRIPTION: Hello, baby! Thanx for picking this sight, it must have been fate that brought you here. So PLEASE hire me. You see I've only got my exceptional, extensive, production talent to see me through this next winter... I've got a patois of experience in television and film. Call me, tell me what you're up to. Who knows, this can be the start of something big.
REFERENCE: ESPN- Remote Operations: Superbowl XXXIII, Final Four '99 & Golf, Golf, Golf.

DiModica Art Studios (MultiMedia NYC): Gallery Director.

Cultural Express Films (Miami,FL): Producer.

Blab TV (Local Sarasota,FL):Director/camera.

OUR COMPANY IS: Production Service Co.
PRODUCTION JOB: Production Support
TELEPHONE: 941.953.7635 / 908.659.1485
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