Mike Sobolewski - mike sobolewski video production
154 Woodlands Way,
Brockport, NY 14420
DESCRIPTION: Experienced photojournalist of ten years that can collect video and sound for news,sports,and commercials. Trained to operate a digital satellite truck. Hand selected to manage reporters and photojournalists while assigned to cover the news assignment desk. Have the ability to setup a variety of audio and video production equipment. Can work as a production assistant and utility.

Detail-oriented and organized employee focused on meeting high quality of productive standards that works well under pressure.

Associate Press Oswego, New York 2007 to Present

• Worked as a videographer and producer to gather video, interviews, and information for news coverage during the snowstorm in upstate New York.

Time Warner Cable Rochester, New York 2006 to Present

• Worked with the news team as videographer and editor for RNEWS.

MSNBC and NBC “The Today Show” Carrol, New York 2006

• Set up and recorded live press conferences during the New York State police man hunt of Ralph “Bucky” Philips.

• Gathered video and interviews during MSNBC’s live coverage.

Geraldo at Large show Fredonia, New York 2006

• Worked with Fox producer during coverage of Ralph “Bucky” Phillips apprehension to videotaped interviews for Geraldo at Large Show.

The Weather Channel Binghamton, New York 2006

• Assigned to cover the flooding stories, which included interviews, b-roll, and live shots which was used for their live coverage.

BAV Services, Buffalo New York 2006

• Worked on various productions that required the setup of audio and video equipment.

CMI Communications, Rochester New York 2005 to Present

• Worked on various production projects that required the setup of audio, video and lighting equipment. Camera operator during live production events.

The Golf Channel, Rochester, Florida 2006 to Present

• Assigned to various projects that included utility work, setup of cameras, pulling cables, and assisting the RF crew in the field as part of a crew for NEP Productions.

ESPN 2, Rochester New York 2007

• Setup of cables and cameras from production truck to the ring for live coverage of the boxing event

First Call Uplinks Buffalo, New York 2005 2006

• Setup of cables and cameras from the satellite truck to the field for ESPN’s coverage of NFL Football.

EFP Productions Rochester, New York 2005 to Present

• Assigned to various projects including setup of raisers, microphones, lights, cables and cameras for speeches at different Universities.

• Setup a live to tape three-camera production for MSNBC’s anchor of “Hardball” Chris Matthews during a speech at the University of Rochester.

• Setup audio and video equipment to videotape different court depositions.

REFERENCE/CREDITS: I have worked for several national organizations such as:



OUR COMPANY IS: videographer,

PRODUCTION JOB: VIDEOGRAPHER, UTILITY, live events camera operator, CREW

OTHER INFO: I covered many special major news stories while employed as a digital satellite truck operator, utility, and photojournalist for high profile sports, political, and news events.

DSNG operator and photojournalist for live coverage in NYC after the September 11 attacks

DSNG operator and photojournalist for live coverage of Pope John Paul II in Toronto

Photojournalist for a sit down interview with Dan Rather, CBS News in New York City

DSNG operator for live coverage of Toronto Plane crash for CBS Newspath and the CBS “Early Show”

Photojournalist for Buffalo Bills football games, Rochester Red Wings, and other sporting events

Videographer for the hunt for ralph bucky phillips in outside of Buffalo, NY for NBC, Geraldo at Large

DSNG operator and photojournalist for Jim Kelly induction into the Football Hall of Fame

Pool camera photojournalist for live election coverage in New York City for Hillary Clinton Senate seat for CBS newspath feeds

DSNG operator for CBS “early show”, weather cut-ins for harsh weather in Rochester and Buffalo.

Videographer for the Weather Channel’s coverage of flooding in Binghamton, NY

Utility for the Golf Channel’s coverage for the LPGA, PGA and Nation Wide tour in Rochester, NY and Flordia

Videographer for snow storm for the Associate press in Oswego ny

TELEPHONE: 585-746-5865
CELLULAR: 585-746-5865
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