Makeup/Effects Artist
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Makeup/Effects Artist

Michael Mosher - The Make-up guy
Valley Village, CA 91607
DESCRIPTION: Description:: I've been in the business for 10 years. I've worked on everything from student films to The Titanic. I am well versed in makeup of all kinds, including period makeup from the greeks to modern times. My first love is character makeup and other effects makeup. I also make wigs, and facial hair.I've been in the Union for 5 years, but I'm willing to work non-union jobs as well. I am mellow and work well in adverse situations when necessary.

REFERENCE: Freshmen Motion Pictures- Makeup and Effects- The Deformation of Myrna Brown

Thrill Me Productions- Makeup and Effects- The House

OUR COMPANY IS: Freelancer
PRODUCTION JOB: Makeup Artist-Makeup effects Artist

TELEPHONE: 818-762-7751
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