Michael elvy Production
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Michael elvy Production

Michael Levy - Michael Levy Productions
350 Hopewell Ave, 2
Toronto, Ontario M6E 2S2
DESCRIPTION: Cameraman DP available to Shoot in Toronto or abroad. Fully bilingual (english & French). Video Formats available; Betacam SP,DVCAM, DVC PRO 50. Matrox Digisuite also available. Please call or email for more information. Modified Glidecam V20 For cameras weighing up to 34 Lbs. Arriving soon New modified Gold Vest and Arm (max. Weight 45Lbs). The V20 is an a great camera stabilizer, please call or email me for a free demo and rate card.
REFERENCE: CBC, RDI, TSN, RDS, ESPN II, Revolver/partners, ESPN Sport, Transworld International, Gail Picco & assoc., Discovery, CTV Sick Childerns foundation, Shipwreck Films, Cinenova, IMB, Hewitt Packard,...etc
OUR COMPANY IS: Freelancer
PRODUCTION JOB: Cameraman, DP, Steadicam Op, Lighting.
OTHER INFO: Complete production support ***** From PRE to POST ***** Call Michael Levy Productions for your next production. We have many crews to chose from.
TELEPHONE: 416-783-1906
FAX: 416-783-1906
CELLULAR: 416-543-3035
PAGER: 416-501-0865
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