Sports Cameraman for your Crew

Sports Cameraman for your Crew

Kyle Farmer - Independant
Crofton, MD. 21114
DESCRIPTION: For the past five years I have been employed by the MCI Center as the senior camera operator for all sporting and entertainment events including running tight for hockey(Caps) and basketball(Wizards, Mystics, Gtown, high school etc.) I was also on the trucks for 3 years prior to my employment covering a variety of sports events including Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Hockey, Tennis, Boxing, Figure Skating, Horse Jumping, Swimming and a couple of other miscelleaneous shows here and there.

REFERENCE/CREDITS: Hockey - Bill Bell - Producer/Director - Comcast Sportsnet - Washington D.C.

Basketball & Entertainment - Earnie Fingers - Exec. VP TV Ops for WSELP(MCI Center)

Baseball - Steve Baldwin - SBTV Crews - Baltimore

Soccer/Football - Mike Foss - Producer/Director MLS/BET

UNION/GUILD: Not Applicable

OUR COMPANY IS: Washington Sports and Entertainment
PRODUCTION JOB: Hard Cameras (any angle) prefer tight or slash

Robotics - speedshot operator mid ice(hockey), over the backboard (BBall)

TELEPHONE: 202-628-3200 x6409
CELLULAR: 703-405-2132
PAGER: 703-405-2132
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