Jimmy Jib Rentals in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey

Jimmy Jib Rentals in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey

Kelly Richardson - ACS/Aerial Camera Support
Stratford, CT 06614
DESCRIPTION: ACS/Aerial Camera Support supplies remote camera cranes & camera dollies throughout the northeast. New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island: Kelly Richardson tel. (203) 380-9942. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont: Jonathan Nichols tel. (603) 568-2957.

REFERENCE/CREDITS: Our 17th year safely operating Jimmy Jib Camera Cranes. One of the oldest Jimmy Jib companies in the Northeast.

Clients include: "The American Experience (PBS)", "48 hrs.(CBS)", "Dateline (NBC)", "Martha Stewarts Living", "Ed Bradley Presents (CBS)", "Reading Rainbow (PBS)", "Vanished (ABC)", "Nightline (ABC)", "20/20 (ABC), "Trading Spaces (TLC), "Super Homes" (TDC), "The Guiding Light" (CBS), American Express, Mirage Resorts, Foxwoods, BMW, Volvo, Cocoa-Cola, Bose Audio, Sony, The BBC

UNION/GUILD: Union (IATSE Local 52), and Non-Union Operators available

OUR COMPANY IS: Cranes/Dollies,

PRODUCTION JOB: Dolly/Crane Grip,

OTHER INFO: We offer Jimmy Jib Triangle Camera Cranes and Chapman-Leonard Camera Dollies. WE SPECIALIZE IN CAMERA MOTION!

TELEPHONE: 203-380-9942
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  • ACS Jimmy JIb Camera Crane Rentals: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey
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