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Julie_ Cook - Vu West, Inc.
4105 N. 25th Street,
Phoenix,, AZ 85016
DESCRIPTION: 20 yrs. Exp. between NY, LA & AZ. Full produciton support services for the film, video & print worlds. From hiring crew, securing locations, casting talent, we have the support team and vendors to make any production a success. The only difference between Arizona & the world is 180 degrees and were here to guarantee your totally cool with it!!
REFERENCE/CREDITS: Pepsi, Pytka, Prod. Mgr. -

Nike, Pytka, Prod. Mgr. -

Yonex Golf, Dentsu/Japan,Producer -

Spinmaster toys, Apple Box Produciotns/Canada,Prod. Mgr. -

Marlboro, Marken Film/Germany, Line Producer -

Gillett, Girladi Suarez, Production Mgr. -

Fabreeze, Mc Guffin Films, Production Mgr. -

and many many more.

OUR COMPANY IS: Support Services,
PRODUCTION JOB: Production Manager,
TELEPHONE: 602/381-1017
FAX: 602/912-1651
CELLULAR: 602/622-0344
PAGER: 602/519-3393
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