Mid-West Production Manager

Mid-West Production Manager

Joseph Allen - Cocnut Grove Films
1808 Broadway Blvd.,
Kansas City, MO 64108
DESCRIPTION: Line Producer, UPM, Location Manager, and Producer with 20 years experience for features, series, sit-coms, soaps, documentaries, commercials. Speciality - working on remote locations throughout the mid-west and west for Casting, Location Scouting/Procurement, Negoiations, Crewing, Equipment and Suppliers, and Accounting/Wrap. Production Offices and Stage also available.
REFERENCE: Sunset Beach - soap NBC/ Arron Spelling - UPM - two seasons

Hot Tuna - independant feature film - Producer - release 1999


OUR COMPANY IS: Production Service Co.
PRODUCTION JOB: Production Manager
OTHER INFO: Full Service Location Production Assistance - production office space and equipment, insert stage, scouting for shoots in the Mid west states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming.

TELEPHONE: 816 842-9300
FAX: 816 472-5777
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