Michigan crews/QuatraVision betacam and dv crews

Michigan crews/QuatraVision betacam and dv crews

Jerry Taylor - QuatraVision, Inc.
26645 W. 12 Mile Rd., 101
Southfield(detroit), MI 48075
DESCRIPTION: Our staff of producers and production professionals have worked on some of the most important events to occur in the last ten years. Located in Detroit, Michigan we are able to travel to any location.

REFERENCE/CREDITS: A&E Channel: Biography, The Three Stooges, the men behind the mayhem.


PBS: Moneywise, Editor/Animation

ABC: Good Morning America, Videography

Entertainment Tonight: Camera, Audio

Court Tv: The System, Camera, Audio

OUR COMPANY IS: Crews, Equipped with video-USA,Graphics, Animation Company,Production Company-Video-USA,Detroit, michigan, MI

PRODUCTION JOB: (Select Crew Job)Camera Operator-Video-USA,Crews, Equipped with video-USA,Editor-Video,Field Producer,

TELEPHONE: 248-358-1400
FAX: 248-358-1411
CELLULAR: 734-637-8564
  • QuatraVision
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