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Jeffery Kincheloe - Wolffin Diving & Film
16202 Lost Canyon Road,
Santa Clara, CA 91351
DESCRIPTION: Back Ground: Commercial Diver doing Deep Water Diving, Welding, Rigging ect for 10 years, Mountian

Climmer for Over 16 Years. Key Grip For 4 years and Best Boy Grip for 4 years. There is no such

thing as a problem, just a solution!!!! Equipment ranging from Commercial Diving gear, Climbing

Gear, Safty Gear, Car Mounts and Rigging Equipment.

REFERENCE: Coppos Films (Butter Ball) Commercial key Grip

Caravan Pictures (Gone Fishing) Feature Film Dive Support

Spikes-up Porduction (dinosaur) Feature Film Key Grip

Propaganda Films (Prudential Insurance) Commercial Key Grip

Propaganda Films (Snapple) Commercial Key Grip

Ocean Park Pictures (Principal Health Care) Commercial Key Grip

Propaganda Films (Bell South) Commercial Key Grip

Smokestack Productions (Dahlia) Rock Video Key Grip

Ritts Haden (BMW) Car Commercial Key Grip

OUR COMPANY IS: Production Service Co.

TELEPHONE: 661-251-6959
FAX: 661-251-6696
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