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Ignacio P.Pino - Microgenesis Producciones
Hortaleza, 118, 1.2
Madrid, Madrid 28004
DESCRIPTION: A new style of international television.A catalog of Microgenesis Producciones. Ready to air tv shows in any language.One Minute shows on cooking (120X1'), bicycling (25X1'), cocktails (25X1'), Tapas (25X30''), Plants (25X1') and more; see and enjoy. Chef's Choice: the best restaurants in Spain. Video Background:stock video royalty free for post production facilities. El Rocio: the oldest traditions in Spain
REFERENCE: SIC Portugal : 120 X 1' recipes. Real Madrid: Canal Satelite Digital:spots and Teletienda. SGAE: Premios de la Musica: Netcast.
OUR COMPANY IS: Production Co. (Video)
PRODUCTION JOB: Director: Ignacio P. Piņķ.

Producer: Pierre de Oliveira Castro.

FAX: +34.91.310 2912
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