Hugo Villa Smythe - Cameraman Mexico
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Hugo Villa Smythe - Cameraman Mexico

Hugo Villa_Smythe -
Mexico, DF 06100
DESCRIPTION: I have been involved with ligthing crews, both in comercials and features, since I was 16 years old. Also, through several courses and workshops I have aquired technican knowledge to compliment the practical info.I gathered in my working.

REFERENCE: Next Vision. Director of photography, comercails, in video efp. For the Government of Mexico City.

Primer Plano. (Guatemala) Director/cameraman for television comercials in both 35mm and efp video.

OUR COMPANY IS: Freelancer
PRODUCTION JOB: DP, Cameraman, Director
TELEPHONE: +(525)553-3035
FAX: +(525)553-3035
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