HD POV cameraman with full HD POV rig

Geo Harrold - HD POV Productions
Toronto, ONT
DESCRIPTION: I offer complete HD POV shooting to complement your production.

I have complete rigging to set up the HD POV camera outside a vehicle, inside a cockpit, low angle of shot of wheels, mounting on the bow of a boat looking down etc.

Fully remote controlled!

REFERENCE/CREDITS: Swiss Television-Vancouver

POV cameraman

FIBT Communications-Whistler BC

POV Cameraman

OUR COMPANY IS: Aerial Services-Helicopters etc.,
PRODUCTION JOB: Camera Operator-Video-other countries,
OTHER INFO: We also shoot HD video for networks etc with the Sony XDCAM F800 camera and Sony EX-3.

We record on the Nano Flash card which is vastly superior to any recording media on the market.

TELEPHONE: 905-420-0992
FAX: 416-981-7045
CELLULAR: 416-570-7859
  • George Harrold
  • Convergent Design
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