Film or Video Editor, AD, Unit PM, TD

Gary Graham - Freelance
2157 Fairmont Cir,
Orlando, FL 32837
DESCRIPTION: I have been a Professional Film and Video Editor (Avid, Lightworks and FCP, Union Stage Manager, Production Manager and TD for Film, Broadcast Television, Stage and Conventions for over 25 years. I pride myself on keeping calm and having a great sense of humor when the going gets tough and I am an expert at multitasking.

I hold both USA and European passports and can work in both areas without work permits.

I am a member of both American Actors Equity and British Actors Equity.

Please contact me for a resume.


,Innocent, European Music Video. WALT DISNEY CO, Walt Disney

Christmas Show, Broadcast TV Special. ABC,

20/20, Network News Program. THE WHO, Who's Better, Who's Best, Polygram Music Video. NBC Sports, Athletics World Championship, Athens Greece, Worldwide Live Television. RALPH EDWARDS, People's Court, Syndicated TV Show. LONDON WEEKEND TV, Gibralter Trial, Network Series. LONDON WEEKEND TELEVISION, Friday Night, Live, Weekly Network Comedy. LWT, The South Bank Show, Currrent Affairs TV.

TRAVEL CHANNEL, Destinations with Linda Carter, Travel Show. TNN, NHRA Today, Sports Series. TNN, Truckin' USA, Motoring Show. PICCADILY CIRCUS LONDON, Rock Circus, Themed Attraction. BBC TV, Mega Moo, Childrens TV Series. BBC, Doctor Who, Network Sci-Fi Series. THAMES TV, Mouses Tale, Network Documentary. THAMES Television, The Roger Cook Show, Investigative Series. BRITISH AIRWAYS, Monthly Aircraft Inflight Videos, Inflight Entertainment. ALTON TOWERS, Genrad, Simulator Ride. SCORES FILMS, Roger Rabbit Movie Trailer, Feature Film Trailer. BSkyB, Jupiter Moon, Sci Fi Series. BURT REYNOLDS, Cop and a Half, Feature Film Titles. BURT REYNOLDS, Boy From Left Field, Feature Film. FL CITRUS, Florida Oranges Commercial, National Commercial.

UNION/GUILD: Actors Equity Association

British Actors Equity

OUR COMPANY IS: Post Production Facility,Production Services (company),Union,

PRODUCTION JOB: Assistant Director,Director, Video-USA,Editor-Film,Editor-Video,Lighting Director/Design,Production Manager,Unit Production Manager,

OTHER INFO: I am also a Theatrical Production Stage Manager with many large Musicals and Spectacles to my Credit including Cirque Du Soleil and Worldwide Disney on Ice Tours.

TELEPHONE: 407-509-1460
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