Ward Productions
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Ward Productions

Dennis Ward - Ward Productions
Little Rock, AR 72201
DESCRIPTION: Ward Productions offers ENG Crews using Sony Digital Betacams, Shure FP 33 mixers, Viten Tripods, Joker HMI & Lowell Lighting, Tram Mics, and Lectrosonic Wireless Systems. We have spent the last 4 years working mostly with the Fox News Channel on President Clinton and Whitewater related stories in Arkansas.
REFERENCE: Fox News Channel: Crews and Producers for The Fox Report, Crier Report, O'Reilly Report, Hume Report,and many other Fox News Programs.

Montel Williams Show: Crew was provided for indepth prison interview.

America's Most Wanted: Crew was provided for Chevy Kehoe Story.

OUR COMPANY IS: Production Co. (Video)
PRODUCTION JOB: Videographer and Producer
TELEPHONE: 501-375-3405
FAX: 501-375-3433
CELLULAR: 501-517-6927
PAGER: 501-558-1155
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