Chicago Based Betacam SP Crew
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Chicago Based Betacam SP Crew

David Weaver - Red Wagon Productions
Chicago, Illinois 60622
DESCRIPTION: We are a Chicago based Betacam SP camera crew. David Weaver is the DP/Cameraman and has 13 years of experience shooting production, news, documentary, TV shows, and corporate. We use the latest cameras, sound, and lighting equipment. We are creative, fast, and very reliable. Please consider booking Red Wagon Productions for your next assignment. You'll be happy you did!
REFERENCE: Discovery Channel-

NABET Local 41

OUR COMPANY IS: Production Co. (Video)
PRODUCTION JOB: Director of Photography/Cameraman
OTHER INFO: $1350 is the rate for a 10 hour day

TELEPHONE: 773-772-2424
FAX: 773-772-2410
CELLULAR: 773-294-2424
PAGER: 800-495-1491
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