Underwater cameraman with Ikegami/Beta SP
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Underwater cameraman with Ikegami/Beta SP

D._L. Mansfield - Wren Productions, LLC.
159 West 80th St., 1C
New York, NY 10024
DESCRIPTION: 25 years as underwater cameraman with extensive international experience. Ikegami/BetaCam SP and all support equipment. Disney, National Geographics, Smithsonian, Mobil Oil and numerous international broadcasters and museums as clients.
REFERENCE: Disney Epcot Center-Underwater Cameraman-Disney Productions

Scientific American Frontiers-Underwater Cameraman-Chedd Angiers Productions

Field and Stream-Underwater Cameraman-Time Warner

OUR COMPANY IS: Crews, Equipped with video-other countries,Production Company-Video-other countries,Stock Footage Libraries,
PRODUCTION JOB: Camera Operator-Video-other countries,Crews, Equipped with video-other countries,Underwater Camera,
TELEPHONE: 212 875 1507
FAX: 212 799 2496
PAGER: 888 762 8815
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