Chuck Skinner

Chuck Skinner

Chuck Skinner - Freelance
Clearwater, Florida 33760
DESCRIPTION: Freelance film & video cameraman in central Florida. 25 years in the industry, shooting documentary, feature, and commercial projects. Strong lighting skills, high production values.

REFERENCE/CREDITS: Real TV Camera Multiple episodes

British Broadcasting Corporation Camera, Sound Noel's Christmas Present, Mysteries, many more

HBO Sports Camera, Sound Multiple stories

Termite Art Productions (for TLC) Camera Various

...many more...

OUR COMPANY IS: Freelancer

PRODUCTION JOB: Camera, Sound, Gaffer/Lighting Director

OTHER INFO: Complete crews and equipment packages available, including PAL & NTSC Betacam SP & Digibeta.

Also computer graphics & design.

TELEPHONE: 727-536-1939 ext131
  • Chuck Skinner
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