Production Co. (Video)
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Production Co. (Video)

Carl Gilman - Productions
San Diego, CA 92116-2322
DESCRIPTION: Dependability. That's what major news organizations demand, and that's why Carl Gilman is in demand for national news and production assignments. We shoot Betacam videotape and film in the fields of news and documentaries, retail advertising, entertainment, corporate and government communications, medicine, zoology and legal documentation.

REFERENCE: CBS, NBC and ABC have sent Carl everywhere from Asian frontier to Europe, through Central and South America to cover world events. Carl has been a freelance Cameraman/Director of Photography for 30 years. Look at just a few locations and events.... Beirut, Lebanon Wars, Syrian Missile Crisis, Panama, Nicaragua, Argentina, El Salvador for CBS & NBC Networks. South Korea/President Parks Assassination. Sent to Rome for Pope Paul's Shooting. Assigned three months at the 1984 Olympics. Earthquakes at Mexico City, El Salvador, San Francisco/Oakland and Los Angeles. U.S. & Japan Summit. Ferdinand Marcos in Hawaii. Covered American Presidents: Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton.

Documentaries: CBS...

OUR COMPANY IS: Production Co. (Video)

TELEPHONE: 619-284-7499
FAX: 619-284-0410
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