Brad Hruboska Steadicam/Camera Operator

Brad Hruboska Steadicam/Camera Operator

Brad Hruboska - Brad Hruboska Steadicam Inc.
9, Twenty- ixth street,
Toronto, ON M8V 3R4
DESCRIPTION: Twelve year experienced steadicam specialist with PRO II package, Preston focus system, DSD vest, superpost,video transmitter, hi-8 recorder, Chaboneau hardmount( Garfield Mount), very experienced in 35mm and High Definition cinematography. Ready to fly SR's to Imax(yes it is possible!)
REFERENCE/CREDITS: Steadicam operator and or B camera operator on: Battlefield Earth, Earth: Final Conflict, Grey Owl, Jasper Texas, Tarzan, Big Spender, 1-800 Missing, The Woods, Where the Money Is, The Safety of Objects, Undercover Brother, Relic Hunter, Femme Nikita, Wild Card, Starhunter,Cube Zero, Jenifer, Women of Camelot, Dog Park, In Too Deep, Love of Olivia.


OUR COMPANY IS: Freelance,

PRODUCTION JOB: Steadicam Operator,Camera Operator, Director of Photography

OTHER INFO: Passport ready, when do we leave? Very interested in contracts that involve travel, particularly outside of North America..

TELEPHONE: (416) 251-3233
FAX: (416) 251-3233
CELLULAR: (416) 822-8496
PAGER: (416) 760-1442
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