Production Co. (Video)
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Production Co. (Video)

Bill_ Starling - Moxie Media
800 Distributors Row, 200
New Orleans, LA 70123
DESCRIPTION: Description:: Bill Starline is head videographer for Moxie Media a leading production company in the South. Sony 400A, 600, 700, DSR 30 Wide Screen Beta and Digibeta camera packages available. Audio packages, telepromter, Avid and Digi Beta Online Suites, Studio Facilities, Check us out at

REFERENCE: Reference: Disney, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Camera operator with video package

Food Channel, The making of Tabasco Sauce at Avery Island, Camera Operator and package

MTV, Spring Break Cruise, Camera Operator and Package

OUR COMPANY IS: Production Co. (Video)
PRODUCTION JOB: Crew Position: Camera Operator, Video

TELEPHONE: 800-346-6943
FAX: 504-733-6907
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