ENG/EFP crews
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ENG/EFP crews

Al Leader - Leader Production Services
902 - 11th Avenue SW, #300
Calgary, AB T2R 0E7
DESCRIPTION: Internationally experienced cameraman with High Definition TV, digital betacam and Betacam SP formats.

Credits include: Discovery Channel, ESPN, A&E, TV Tokyo, ZDF, NHK, ABC, CBS, NBC, Travel Channel, Learnung Channel and Paramount Pictures.

REFERENCE: Banyan Productions - Camera/lighting -
OUR COMPANY IS: Freelancer
PRODUCTION JOB: Cinamatographer for video.
TELEPHONE: toll free 1.888.296.8227
FAX: (403) 228-9304
CELLULAR: (403) 660-8364
PAGER: (403) 750-9218
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